Wearing: Eclect top - Glassons skirt - Molten Store earrings - Ray Ban sunglasses

For someone who has gone from naturally dark brown hair colour to blonde tips, as well as curling your hair almost every single day, my hair routine can be time consuming at times. Regular visits with Mia at The Mia Collective help maintain the health of my hair with a fresh trim and tone every few months. 

1. Wash

I normally do this at night and leave the occasional mask or purple shampoo in for about 5 minutes. I'm someone who has to wash my hair at night as it becomes too soft to style if I do it in the morning. 

2. Blow Dry

This is a must if you don't want to wake up with frizzy hair in the morning and have to battle with your hair to control the frizz. 

3. Treat

I like to pop in 1-2 pumps of the Moroccan Oil Treatment, this helps moisturise and protect my hair before I curl it. I like to put this in just after washing my face so that I've got about 5-10 minutes after I've done my make up to style my hair.

4. Style

I have a ghd Platinum White Styler that I got about two Christmas' ago. The curved plastic edges make it very easy to curl your hair and is also kinder to you hair with a reduction in breakage and increase in shine. 

5. Finish

Once I've styled my hair, I like to finish it off with a little bit of hairspray just to help hold it in for the day.