"Fabliha Reza"


Wearing: Sportsgirl tee - Shakuhachi sunglasses - Sportsgirl white leather shorts - denim shirt c/o mother - Windsor Smith shoes

Some casual Saturday attire for you and also fuelling my current all white obsession (well, mostly). I'm also starting to appreciate the tying of various shirts/jackets around the waist. I find it helps add that extra little something to plain outfits, or when you just have no idea what to wear. What are your thoughts? 

Photos by Fabliha.


Wearing: MDS top from Singapore - Sportsgirl leather shorts - Windsor Smith shoes - Minkpink sunglasses

Decided to take this top out for a spin since I haven't really worn in a long time. I seemingly instantly regretted it though as the weather was just too hot - I've been super lazy lately and have literally been living in muscle singlets and shorts. Leather shorts are also a very deceptive item when it comes to summer weather (there is a lot of sweat involved). 
Anyways, for those in heat wave craziness hope you're all coping too.

Photos by Fabliha Reza


Wearing: Topshop Jumper - DIY Jeans - Topshop Shoes - ASOS Sunglasses - Brandy Melville Wallet (from Vancouver)

I've been wanting a pair of boyfriend jeans for a while now but could never bring myself around to actually paying for them (uni student problems). So I decided to steal an old pair of my dad's jeans and take in the bottom which cost me next to nothing. 

Photos by Fabliha


Wearing: Thrifted top (from America) - Brandy and Melville Shorts - Topshop Shoes - Sportsgirl Sunglasses

This top is one of my favourite purchases from America. It was from a thrift store for only 90c, so incredibly cheap. All of my friends would know that I wear it a little too much; it's just so fun and colourful. Anyway, these photos were taken in Sydney the day before fashion week started. 
Apologies for the lack of posts, I'm currently swamped with assignments *crying face*. I hope assessment isn't too hectic for all you uni students! 
Happy Hump Day, weww! X

P.S. Photos by the amazing, Fabliha.