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I like to keep my everyday carry essentials to a minimum because a) I like being as item free as possible and b) to accomodate for last minute bag changes or if I decide to not use a bag. My go-to essentials are my phone, card holder, sunglasses, car keys and my favourite Comme Des Garcon pouch to hold them all in.

These everyday items go through a lot of wear and tear over time, because of this I like to invest in quality items that would give me a couple years of wear. 

1. Comme Des Garcon clutch - I got this a couple of years ago at a Comme Des Garcon pop up store at the Gallery of Modern Art. I love how soft and worn in the leather is now.

2. Ray Ban sunglasses - An iconic shape but also incredibly practical being able to be folded and stored in a small case.

3. The Daily Edited phone case - I love this phone case because it's practical (it actually wraps around all the edges of your phone) and the all black is something that I won't get sick of easily, although I do love a fun phone case. 

4. Neue Blvd card holder - Card holders are life changing, they allow for quick bag changes or even if you have to dash somewhere on your lunch break you can just grab it and go.