These items go with me everywhere, everyday; sometimes not always the exact same object but a version of itself - because variety is always fun. So I decided to share my favourite items.

1. Hand Cream:

I use a number of different ones depending on what I feel like. Especially with this winter weather creeping in it is a must to carry around some form of hand cream. The two that I use are Aesop and Alder New York.

2. Charles and Keith card holder:

As you can image, when using a pouch / clutch / I'm not really sure what the proper term is, just having your cards flying around with all your coins and beauty products this can be the biggest nightmare. And it also ruins your cards. I found this Charles and Keith card holder back when I was in Singapore and it was probably the best lifesaver. My cards are now protected and super easy to access.

3. Burwood Handmade Field Notes case:

My iPhone is my best friend and I use it for basically everything but sometimes I just want to get back to old school pen and paper. It's also easier for me to read and understand things on paper. This field notes case is a perfect compact carrier for pen and paper essentials.

4. iPhone 6:

As mentioned before, this is my best friend. I take it absolutely everywhere with me and always make sure it has a case (because I'm terrible and always drop it). At the moment I'm obsessed with this tortoise shell one by Felony Case.

5. Watches:

For when you need to quickly check the time and don't really feel like whipping out your phone. On rotation at the moment I have a Breda, Thread Etiquette and another Breda.

What does your everyday carry look like?