As a sibling brand of The Peach Box, Marc Bale has recently launched bringing you amazingly created and curated modern, stylish and versatile timepieces - every minimalist's dream. I chose one of the Minimalist timepieces. The simplicity is what I love most about it. The slimness of the watch face is also another win and is overall an easy piece to wear from day to night. Pairing or stacking the watch with bracelets is also a really fun thing to do. The two bracelets featured in this post both can be found at The Peach Box here and here.

Something I haven't really ventured into with watches are nato straps - my boyfriend is a big fan. As something that I've always seen as more of a guys thing it is definitely a great element to add an element of interest or as a more casual or holiday vibe. 

Images by Ben and myself.