Wearing: top is unknown - Topshop jeans - Topshop coat - Topshop heels

Wow, until just realised typing as I was typing that sentence that my whole outfit was basically Topshop. Anywho, two things.

1. I'm heading down to Melbourne in October and have been on the hunt for a coat for a few months now. And found a perfect and decent priced one at Topshop. It keeps me super toasty on those crazy cold 5 degree mornings (crazy cold for Brisbane.. ) which is the main thing.

2. It only occurred to me a few weeks ago that at the time I didn't own a pair of jeans or any form of warm pants. I'm super fussy with any kind of clothing item and had tried multiple pairs of jeans over the past few months and got lazy, lol. And guess where I found a good pair...

I guess it's safe to say that Topshop is my go to at the moment for decent priced items - damn you uni life.

Photos by Mary Hillier.