With the arrival of Christmas just on our doorstep, the lovely Jasmine Dowling has been encouraging others to support their local movers, shakers and makers this Christmas and has invited myself alongside other bloggers to take on the idea and create our own Shop Local This Christmas Guide. 

Having grown up with a creative background and education, I have met many creatives who are currently out there creating, trying to get out there and make a living from their creative passion. I myself want to get back into the creative side of things. I have recently completed a double degree in marketing and entertainment industries with hopes of getting into digital marketing but also wanting more creatively and not just a mundane desk job. So I do think it is important that we support the creators and creatives in our local communities this Christmas so that they can keep on doing what they love.

Don't forget to tell me what your favourite locals are! 



1. Holly Ryan Magnetic Field Hook Earrings