Next Hotel has been a recent addition to Brisbane, bringing some fresh new vibes to Queen St Mall (and conveniently located above Forever 21). Next Hotel itself has a new/tech/trendy vibe with fresh interiors and the incorporation of new technology. 

Ben and I decided to stay here as something different and close by for our one year, as we weren't able to be too adventurous due to work commitments. The reception staff were very straight forward and welcoming enough, processing us through our check-in. As we checked in the day after a freak storm in Brisbane, the pool was unfortunately closed which had been the part that we were looking forward to the most. Oh well.

So we made our way up to our room and are welcomed by a TV that has been programmed to work with a Samsung Galaxy phone that can be used as a remote for the TV. Here you can peruse movies, music, room-service menus, regular TV and basic information such as the weather. Within the Next app on the phone, you can also control room lighting, air-conditioning and contact room service. The app itself took a while to figure out (note: Ben and I are tech savvy people), and sometimes would glitch and shut down. The concept is great but it's not quite there. Within the room was also a mini bar that included snacks and drinks where guests were allowed 4 free items a day. There was also a coffee machine which was perfect to wake up to (and has now sparked a need to purchase one). 

With the pool being closed, our favourite area in the hotel was the lounge area. Here there was a bar with food service available, a tea and coffee machine, complimentary pastries in the morning, and a vending machine full of healthy snacks. There was also a mini library with a great range of reads available to browse. 

All up, it was a good experience, not the best but it was good. It's a real shame that the pool wasn't open for us during our stay but we still managed to have fun. 

Thanks for having us Next Hotel!

Photos by Ben Robinson.