A couple of snaps from America - I've been here almost a week but got a serious case of jet lag hence the not so many photos. But I'll try get up an outfit post soon!

1. What I woke up to on a 22 hour flight
2. Scenery on the way from LAX to my Aunty and Uncle's place
3. Minkpink Floral Shorts - too excited it's summer here
4. You can never get away from emailing
5. Night driving in Long Beach
6. Jet lag rockin'
7. Outside my Aunty and Uncle's house
8. Reflection - and being bored at Santa Monica Plaza
9. Tea times at Santa Monica
10. Crazy LA traffic
11. Ring party - Diva Eye Ring, ASOS Metal Kiss Ring, Lovisa Cross Ring
12. Venice Beach from the Pier
13. Jet lagged Me
14. Apartments along Venice Beach