Quick post of what I wore on Saturday.. rather bad photo of everything because I was in a rush. I promise I'll try harder next time haha. I was on my way out to see my old school's 'musical' if you'd call it.. it's called You're The Voice, and it's a performance/concert of a series of songs, musical theatre style, but with a common theme. Last year it was jazz and the whole big band theme, this year it was broadway. I must say it was quite amazing, and I got a little depressed that I couldn't be in it this year. Ah well.. life goes on. 
In other news, been in love with The Wombats lately, I don't know why but they're awesome and you should all listen to them! Exams are also coming up! Luckily I only have two, but that's just made me that much more of a slacker now. 

My favourite ring also broke :(

Techno Fan- The Wombats