Slow Motion

Today I finally decided to actually make some effort and do a post. I really like this shirt (yes, it's the middle of summer and yes, it's a long sleeve shirt) but it is so incredibly comfy and soft :) I've also been wearing this pair of shorts a lot lately, they are rather comfy also. Next Wednesday is Australia Day and I'm so excited because me and a bunch of friends are going up to Mooloolaba for the day to participate in the Havianas Thong Challenge. I still have no idea what that is but oh well haha.

The idea of starting uni is becoming more realistic now, I've had to enrol online in the past few days and OMG it is incredibly hard I have no idea why. I'm still not fully enrolled because of a technical error and I have to sign up for classes on Monday. And to make things even better I need two textbooks for first semester and they total to $220.95 D: I love uni already.. haha

Oh I am also renovating my room hence the newspaper everywhere, I'm painting my shelves white ^_^

Always Like This- Bombay Bicycle Club